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I don’t know about you, but it’s REALLY hard for me to carve out/find some time for myself. I honestly wish I had more time to read/lounge/spa-ah it. But lately, my body has been talking to me, and showing its age. In other words: I need to exercise (to be honest: I’ve always avoided exercising).

My back went out a few months ago and so I’ve tried yoga and the treadmill and various other exercises. Nothing “sold” me until I found The Bar Method with its promise of a “leaner, slimmer, more youthful body” (though “firm thighs, lifted seats and flat abs” was was convinced me to sign up).

What I love about it is not only is it a challenging (and FUN!) full-body workout, but the classes are composed of REAL women like me (i.e. women with curves! and yes, even love handles!). And the owner, a local Westchester resident, is GREAT and so encouraging — even though she’s firm and flexible and nowhere near middle age.

For those of us time-pressed moms, it’s the best hour I’ve ever spent. So much so, I’m cramming it in three times a week. Check it out — and hopefully, I’ll see you in the next class!

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